Welcome to the website of the University campus of the Environmental Sciences and Management Department of the ULg, based in Arlon. The first campus to entirely commit to the teaching and the research in environmental subjects, already since 1971. The Arlon campus is today resolutely engaged in the implementation of sustainable development (in teaching, research, as well as practice).

The department offers internationally renowned multidisciplinary postgraduate courses, including two 1- and 2-years postgraduate Masters in Environment, as well as three 1-year Advanced Masters. This educatinal offer attracts each year aound 150 students from across the globe.

The campus is integrated into leafy and green surroudings, making it a unique place to develop your Environmental Sciences knowledge and skills. The student life is animated by lively and multicultual environment, with a number of recurrent and exceptional celebrations taking place across the year.

Journée agro-bio-musicale


Le campus ULg accueille les Aralunaires le 30 avril pour une journée événement autour du concert solo de Saule. See More...
Award européen pour Opal Systems


La spin-off Opal Systems a remporté hier à Hanovre l'award 2014 des solutions innovantes du bâtiment durable en Europe. See More...
Les étudiants sur le terrain en Allemagne


Excursion à l'université de Kaiserslautern les 25 et 26 mars. Au programme: workshop sur le confort thermique des bâtiments et visite de terrain. See More...

Portes ouvertes


Arlon Campus Environnement ouvre ses portes le samedi 26 avril de 14h à 17h. See More...


Conférence du Dr. Serge GUIOT le lundi 28 avril à 14h: "Digestion anaérobie (biométhanisation) des déchets organiques : quelques concepts innovateurs pour lever certains verrous technologiques." See More...