Welcome to the website of the University campus of the Environmental Sciences and Management Department of the ULg, based in Arlon. The first campus to entirely commit to the teaching and the research in environmental subjects, already since 1971. The Arlon campus is today resolutely engaged in the implementation of sustainable development (in teaching, research, as well as practice).

The department offers internationally renowned multidisciplinary postgraduate courses, including two 1- and 2-years Master's Degrees in Environmental Science and Management, as well as three 1-year Advanced Master's Degrees. This educational offer attracts each year aound 150 students from across the globe.

The campus is integrated into leafy and green surroudings, making it a unique place to develop your Environmental Sciences knowledge and skills. The student life is animated by lively and multicultual environment, with a number of recurrent and exceptional celebrations taking place across the year.

Portes ouvertes et Salon des métiers de l'environnement


Découvrez le campus et rencontrez les professionnels de l'environnement le samedi 14 mars. See More...
Mardis du Développement Durable


Conférence le mardi 3 mars sur la santé animale et végétale avec Alain Hambuckers (ULg) et Marc Lomba (ARSIA) à Marche-en-Famenne. See More...

La lumière, outil de travail et source d'inspiration


Conférence de Philippe Samyn, architecte, et Bernard Tirtiaux, maître verrier. See More...